Chen Style

Nowadays taijiquan is divided in 5 major styles: Chen, Yang, Wu (Hao), Wu, Sun but also a lot of minor styles like Fu, Cheng, Wudang, Zhaobao, Hulei etc. which were created from the major styles.
All these styles were created from the Chen style. Chen was the name of the creator of Chen style taijiquan, Chen Wangting (1580-1660).
This style appeared in China, Henan province, Wen county, Chenjiagou village and was transmitted in the family allmost until the 20- th century.
Chen Zhaopi (08.04.1893–30.12.1972 ),called also Jipu, 18 generation, moved in 1928 to Beiping (northern peace, name of Beijing between 1928 and 1949 when it was not capital of China) and started to teach the art of the family. He was the teacher of the little Yang Song Quan his grandson 4 years old, that continued the family tradition of Chen

In Romania arrived this type of Chen style and Yang Song Quan in 2012, together with one of his students Li Li because of strivings of Mr. Alin Zhong who convinced this real treasure of authentic knowledge to come to Romania and the effort to organize the event of Mr. Răzvan Damian and Mrs. Carmen Alona. The first movements that were teached by master Yang touched many hearts, through the deep knowledge of taijiquan and entuziasm for the art and the modesty and virtue in the daily liofe, sign of the people on the right Way.

Participating at this event and having such an emerit teacher I fel in love with Chen style taijiquan, I could feel its efficiency and considered that is for everybody benefic to practice it in Oradea as close as possible to the traditional methods.

We are practicing Chenstyle – laojia (old frame), created in XVIII century by Chen Changxing, in Chenjiagou.