For those who made the taijiquan course possible, the Chen laojia style in Oradea, in the chronological order in which I met on the Way and I had their generous training:

Bara Gábor –  Wu style ( Wang Pei Sheng line)

Dr. Armen Tatevosian – Wu style ( Wang Pei Sheng line) and Wudang ( Long Men Pai line)

Yuan Xiu Gang – Wudang style (San Feng Pai line)

Yang Song Quan –  Chen  style(Chen Zhaopi line)

Li Li – Chen style (Chen Zhaopi line)

Răzvan Damian – Chen style (Chen Zhaopi line)

Chen Xiao Wang– Chen style

Zhang Xin – Chen (Chen Zhaopi line)

Yang Yan –  Chen  style(Chen Zhaopi line)