Tai ji quan-Tai chi chuan   太极拳

The first way to write tai ji quan is the modern one, called pinyin and is used currently in China and all over the world.

The second way to write, tai chi chuan is Wade-Giles type, finished in 1982 to write with Latin characters the Chinese pronunciation and this way of writing is well known in Europe.

Tai – the biggest, supreme, very

ji– very, pole, extremely

quan – fist, martial art

These are just a few of the translation of the words composing tai ji quan

There are very many different ways to translate tai ji quan, as: ultimate supreme, moving meditation, dance for longevity etc.

Taijiquan has many aspects, but is known as internal martial art (part of neija 内家 Chinese internal martial arts)

.In the first phase you can practice it to obtain a good health and an active longevity, then for those who progressed can be added the martial parts, not necessarily for fight but to verify the practical knowledge of the learned principles, then comes the qigong, work with the internal energy and neigon 9 works with the interior, meditation). Of course practice is not separated on these diverse objectives, but it is simultaneous with more accents on one of these elements.

Using modern expressions we could describe this art as one of movement and personal development, on physical, mental and spiritual level

In essence there are 5 basic elements in tai ji quan practice

The taolu – a set of movement

Tui shou – push hands, an exercise with partner

qi gong – work with the energy

nei gong – internal work (internal alchemy, meditation)

san shou – martial exercise with partner, without a fixed form

Anyhow the best way to discover the multiple aspects of tai ji quan is to practice it!

.There are known many tai ji quan style, but the most important are Chen,Yang, Wu, Wu (Hao), Sun, Wudang.

The origin of tai ji quan has many versions, none of them is sure, one of them tells us that Zhan Sangfeng a daoist monk from the 12 century created it in the Wudang mountains, other versions say that Chen Wangtin 1580-1660 was the creator of tai ji quan

Probably it evolved gradually through a multitude of generations practicants from qigong exercises, martial arts, based on the daoist philosophy, medicine and generally the knowledge about the nature, all of the over 2000 year old.

Indifferent how it appeared, sure is that nowadays there are hundred millions practicing tai ji quan all over the world, especially to improve their health.

After so many nice words remained to try and practice the original Chen tai ji quan from Chen jia gou to fell personally the benefits that you can obtain through the regular courses.